we live in the share a house with my cousins and we have to share a bed room. i walked into the kitchen and my cousin tels me that her sister is waiting for me in are bed room, so i go up stars our bed room. i knocked and she said come in so i opend the door and i saw her flip out my poket knife. she says what ever i do dont stop me and of corse i run to her and try to take the knife away, but as im running she stabs herself and tels me her wil. of course i do what any smart person would do i grabed one of her shirts to try to stop the bleading. she died in my arms :( :( :( :( i layed her on her bed and cried. i cried all night
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😭😭😭😭so sad I'm so sorry for the loss 💔

Why didn't u call the cops or go to your parents? I'm so sorry

because i don't have a cell phone and she would have killed her self even if i was at school. are parents came up to check on us and they herd me crying and thought that my cousin hurt my feelings and opened the door and saw

are parents wanted to bury her but i wanted her cremated. she wiled every thing that was hers to me. :( :( :( :( :( :(

That's really sad. I'm sorry. I'm sure she's happily with God in heaven. But you should have ran downstairs and got your parents so they could get some help

if i did she would have died on the flor and not in my arms and she said if you go downstairs i will do it and if you try to take the knife out of my hands i will do it. i slept in her bed with her so many times when i was scared. i cried and cried and i slept next to her body that night

Wouldn't ur parents like call the police to get rid of the body? And I understand that makes sense. Again im really sorry

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Thats…thats… :'(

I can't sleep with out my binky after that night

Delete this and post it in a more popular group so people can comfort you

how do i do that?

You should post it somewhere else..

like were