Lost Love

ive Had A Girlfriend ones... i thought i chould do what was needed to Satisfy her Need for mye love.. but i failed.. she left me.. i tryed to get her back the same day.. but i was 2 late.. she had already gotten a new boyfriend..My friend... and now 7 - 8 monthes later. trying to hide my feelings.. i wish that i chould get her back.. but i can't.. iven if i did get her back.. i whould not have been able to give her what i should...  and the i tryed to be friend with her.. it worked.. but it back fired.. cause i had to tell her how i felt.. i even told her that i just want to be friend with her.. she accepted it.. it makes me happy to be with her.. but someplace inside my Heart. it only hurts more and more.. i don't think i have the strenght to win this fight..

Aleks1993 Aleks1993
13-15, M
Feb 11, 2009