Be Who And What You Want To Be

some people have it easy while others have it hard and some stuck somewhere in the middle. its the way life is although some maybe what you call privileged some also may be what you say less fortunate. either way where we come from makes us who we are and its what we do with what we get handed that makes us who we are. in this world we often attempt to live up to the high standards the world hold up for us, in the end all that should matter is the standards we raise for ourselves people may see us as someone with no potential a screw up, its up to these people to show others that its not true and they can make something of themselves. its not about how many mistakes you make its about how many things you learn and apply to your life. its up to each person to decide for themselves if they are going to allow themselves to be a statistic or be someone who stands out in this world. looking at a person you automatically begin to make assumptions, or judgements, whether we accept this or not its true, we walk up to someone and automatically see the way they act, talk, dress, or even look. its human instincts, and no matter what its just the way we are. people may look at you and think this persons way too skinny or this person needs to be on a diet he or she is so fake, do they not own a mirror, even if its kind criticism its still a judgement she's pretty oh she acts very respectfully, she's a kind girl. of course we would want to hear nothing but the best of ourselves, unfortunately your not the only person in this world who's worried about trying to hear nothing but the best of themselves, so most likely people are fighting to be better and hear the best and will always want to bring you down its sad but its the truth and thats why we should come to realize who cares what they think or in other words as my friend says"who gives a **** what they say" you are only what you makes yourself to be and who you believe you are what matters is you know who you are and thats what matters why let someone bring you down in the end if they are supposably your friend they wouldn't care right? and have no need to say anything negative if not let them say what they want and you just continue on living your life in the end of it all they'll be stuck bringing people down while your still up ahead of them living your life content. "so live your life"
raginggirl raginggirl
Aug 5, 2010