I Can't Process Much More


This is not directed at anyone here. We are all here for the same reasons. To get things off our chests, to seek advice or an ear, to speak to our friends. I understand this, we all need each other but we understand when enough is enough.

I am drained. Seriously drained. This morning didn't help much, neither did the hangover at the weekend. But I can't listen anymore.

I really want to tell certain people that I can't listen to them much longer. Their telling me about this and that and the worst thing is, they're not doing anything about the situations to better it for themselves.

I don't need to hear about the job you hate because you've been promoted and have too much work to do.

I don't need to hear about your boyfriend cheating on because you cheated on him.

I cannot give you anymore advice on how to control my old form class. They don't like you, deal with it.

I can't process anything at the moment. It goes in one ear, rattles around a bit, then goes out the other. Whatever advice it is you want from me, it won't be the answer. I do not come with answers.

I come with a cup a tea and some sympathy, nothing else. Not now.


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12 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I know that if I offer up something here.....it is because I feel safe here and no where else. I don't need advise but I do take another approach to my problems seriously. Another way to look at a situation is always helpful.

"care less" totally makes sense to me. :)

thats what i love you for....... you dont give me any ****** advice that you know i wont take, you dont try and find answers to my mountain of questions, you dont tell me what im doing is wrong, even when it probably is, you just send me tea and hugs, and thats what makes you a ******* awesome friend.

Hehe, I am not just anyone here....right? :s

What? What did I do? :-s

I find saying no hard too, but it's worth it in the long run.

Then who do I go to? :-s

I've had the same problems in the past, I am a good listener but I hate when friends expect you to have the solution to their problems, I adopted the "tough love" philosophy. If they ask what to do about their problems I tell them in no uncertain terms, to get off their butts and work at fixing their lives, some people's problems are obviously their fault and I tell them as much. If they don't want an honest answer and all they want is to be told kind comforting words that put them in a "victim" role, they know better than to come to me. If people can't take your listening as good enough, then you should tell them directly that you are not their therapist and if they need answers and not just someone to talk to then they need to seek someone else. Don't put up with crap dear, you have your own life to run, you can't be held responsible for everyone else's life too. *hugs*

double bear hug for you today.

Yeah, if I had solutions to everyone's problems I would be totally rich and famous. I ain't either!

I have a hot cup of tea & treats anytime for you Moo.....<br />
<br />
only love for you Moo...........

moo, I can totally relate. A few months ago I was just underwater with people sharing their problems with me as if I were a free shrink or something. I finally asked for help myself from some people here about how to deal with it. You need to back off and allow yourself some breathing room or it will just get to be too much for you.<br />
<br />
deep breath, cuppa tea, HUG, ... there you go.