some stupid ******* local newspaper published a story on the internet about my friend whos now been found guilty of lying over immigration matters and will be sentenced to up to two years imprisonment and most likely be deported.




they got the whole ******* story wrong. top to bottom its all lies. all bullshit.



then some small minded ***** start commenting


calling my friend, and an amazing man, a terrorist, a liar, a burden on the taxpayer, and all kinds of ******* names. saying hes making bombs, hes doing this and that.




do they realise who theryre talking about? hes a human being. he made one ******* mistake when they police were questioning him for six days straight without sleep. he has the relevent paperwork, the stamp just wasnt where he said it was.



and they have the ******* guts to call him all these stupid ******* names. who do they think they are? hes a peace activist. hes an intelligent man. hes british. he doesnt deserve any of this.




what have we become that we treat each other like this?


i hate this ******* world sometimes. its sickening.

Tesse Tesse
18-21, F
2 Responses Feb 16, 2009

i dont know what to do. theres nothing we can do.<br />
<br />
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we spent a whole year campaigning for him to have his day in court. they tried to deport him without trial, and we stopped that. we had a huge campaign going (which those small minded ***** are saying we should apologise for!) because we were convinced that if he had his day in court, justice would do something. justice must be off sucking ****. <br />
<br />
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he wont hold up in jail. they had him in solitary confinement for three weeks last year and it broke him. hes lived here for years. he cant go back to algeria. <br />
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its sick

I don't think we realize just how screwed up the media is until we are on the other side of the story.<br />
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I hope your friend comes through it ok.