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Seems odd to have a slightly emotional experience to a restaurant closing, but I'm a bit sad to hear that a place I know is closing down. Why? I only have been there once. But I really had the most magnificent time there. It was just after I finished my whole school-sponsored program, showing the publishing business in New York. And after that, i got a behind the scenes tour of The Daily Show and met Jon Stewart (because an alum in an associate producer on the show). I had a great walk back to the hotel, and was high on life. And my parents then took my to this place, Shelly's. One of the more incredible meals of my life. It's been a while since I had the taste of veal (being a vegetarian and all), but they had this amazing veggie veal that blew my mind. Also got free champagne, courtesy of our hotel concierge, whom my dad had befriended. The waiter talked with us a great deal, very friendly, funny, and interesting. He was a commercial actor, and was sharing stories about his experiences trying to do that. The other staff was helpful, they recommended a great deal of vegetarian places I could go...

But now it's gone. I'll always have that night in my memory, of a wonderful dinner in New York City, but I had always planned to return, maybe soon, maybe many years down the road. I want to move to New York anyways, but now it's gone forever. Nothing lasts, except for the good good memories, of a surreal night, delicious food, and fantastic company. I'll cherish them well....
KeasbeyNights KeasbeyNights 22-25, M May 18, 2011

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