Would Love For Someone To Just Give Me The Answer

as to why I am so unrelatable...my guess is that I just think on a different level. For instance, I was at a 7 yo old boy's birthday party with my son and was sitting around with the other parents.  Just listening to them and their generic conversations (such as the rates on their mortgages, how much their real estate has gone up or down) was making my skin crawl.  I mean who really cares?  I know I don't. 

But then I wondered what would I really want to discuss with these people anyway?  I guess it would just be nice to have heard concern about other things other than 'me, myself, and I'. 

How about you? why are you different...

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I'm not like other people, I don't do the things they do or go to the places they go and so I am shunned.

an inability to relate is confusing, lonely, and can sometimes be quite painful. our society dictates that we are supposed to fall into exactly the mold that you spoke of these people finding themselves in. any effort to assert a thought process that would like to exist otherwise will most likely receive ridicule and rejection. i wish i had comfort to offer you. <br />
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you are not alone<br />
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thats all i got :/

tired of angry<br />
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They were talking only to fill the silence. Unrelatable, unexplainable and undescribable, give me a shot at them. I usually have a different perspective.<br />
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Ding Dao

Trivial conversations hold no interest for me either. I don't need to talk about the weather it is really a non issue most of the time. This woman on my FB whose husband was a good friend says that she "cares deeply" and I thought about what other than herself does she care when she never inquires of anyone or how they are; but, merely states her status like the queen of the world. She never made one single comment on anything I said. She never asked how I was or my thoughts on anything. It was like I am the greatest because I have a disease and I get all the attention and I am married to someone wonderful my personal status is the only relevant thing I have to discuss. Her husband unfriended me I guess it was at her request. I think maybe we are not narcissistic or shallow people and therefore we desire to get to know others on a meaningful level. We delve. We probe deeply and we ponder into the lives of others hoping someone else will do the same because we need profound connection to other human beings.