You Have No Idea How Much.....

All my life, that is the one wish I have always had. Just to be loved for me.... For someone to look at me and not see a fat, insecure, ugly duckling that never became the swan. Someone to see that I am worthy of love.

I thought I had it with Shane, but I was wrong....Very wrong! Now I am alone again, unloved and feeling like my life is just not worth the pain....

Why can't I have what others take for granted? Why am I pushed aside? Why am I ALWAYS the friend, never the lover? OR worse yet, the friend with "benefits"....... I'll tell you why, because that's all I'm good for. That's why.... No man wants a fat girl on his arm. No man wants to have to take a fat girl to the movies, knowing she probably can't fit in the seats.....Take her out to dinner with his friends, for fear of what they'll say to him when she's not around.... How am I suppose to feel any value, if the ones I love don't value me?


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4 Responses Feb 12, 2009

Are you ok? I hear so much of what you say if you want to talk xx

I feel like I could have written your post myself. I have just moved to a new area, been dumped by someone I thought loved me but really he didn't love me at all and has since ignored me. I've never felt more fat, ugly and alone.

hey it happens same with me all life i m leaving all alone no one to ever love me i m all alone to want for love.

Teri,<br />
I am sorry for what you have and are going through. Please do not misunderstand I don't feel sorry for you. I really feel sorry for all those people who have pushed you aside. When I look at a woman I really don't see shape or size. I am not a picture perfect person. It would be nice if we all could be. But if we were we wouldn't be who we are. I think it is sad that so many people put the size of a person above the heart of a person. You sound like a lovely person. One worthy of love. I would like to talk to you more if you like. Let me know. Much Luck<br />