I Wish.......

I want to be someone’s everything….

Of course I do; who doesn’t dream of such a relationship, one filled with passion, love, desire, lust, friendship, respect and trust.  I know I’m being greedy, but I want to experience an all encompassing love, one that I can feel in my fingers and toes, one that makes me feel alive, safe, secure, free and whole; a love that is deep and meaningful, where both parties are possessive of the other, in a way that that speaks of protection and belonging, but not of mistrust and ownership.  I want a partner who is my best friend, my staunchest allay, but also an honest critic, one who will point out my weaknesses constructively whilst actively helping me to overcome them.  Someone who see’s me and get’s me and like’s me.  Someone I will miss and think about when they are not around, but not to the exclusion of everyone and everything else….after all, absence makes the heart grow fonder, even if it’s just a day away at work!  I want to be free to do my own things, have my own friends, hobbies, interests and of course my own job, secure in the knowledge that I am part of a whole, that who I am as an individual means as much to my husband as me being the other half of our partnership.  I want to laugh with, cry with, cuddle with, sleep with, make love with, play with and take time to enjoying just being with my other half. I want the fairytale, the happily ever after, the Big Love, the One….


But I am not silly enough to think that it will all be a bed of roses, to view everything through rose-tinted spectacles; oh no! No, I recognise that all that I want, like anything of value comes with hard work, with a common desire of both parties to want the same things, have the same common goals; of course there will be times where arguments and disagreements happen, life happens, different pulls on our time, our energies and our patience, but if we recognise that, respect each other and are truly friends as well as lovers, well I believe that we can weather any storm and climb any obstacle, but the key to that is doing it together, as a team, encouraging each other, remembering why we started out in the first place and remembering that each of us, both halves of the same whole, mean everything to the other.  Now I just have to find him!!

lostlittlefirefly lostlittlefirefly
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1 Response May 21, 2012

i know that you mean i wish i could find a girl that would want to cuddle for the rest of time lol that is my ambition in life lol