The Word Depression Doesn't Suffice In Explaining......

how I feel and how long this has been going on. It takes a real concerted effort just to tap this rambling nonsense out. Medication,therapy
"support groups" all to no avail. Can't keep doing this and for what"? I give.
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

oh, hey, and sorry you feel like this, and i also concur, meds, psichs and therapy groups all togeather can't do half a good friend can <br />
If you want to talk I'm here, <br />
I also deal with "depression" and it sometimes feels like its a physical disease , cant focus, feels worst than pain, id imagine that's the way someone just got hit my a train feels like

hey man you dont need medication ( I aint medically quallified to tell you that) you need a friend. I aint no phycitarist, but have been through deppresion. Now im scizophrenic i bottled it up for so long it came out another way.There are somethings i couldnt even tell God about. But if ever you want to talk. Im not wise just a good listerner<br />
I dont like to see people suffer because if your suffering i aint happy. You dont even need to talk just know your not alone. From someone who cares