I Want A Depressed Girlfreind

Yes I know it sounds weird but really it makes sense to me. People always say that all guys want is sex well guess what I am a guy and i have emotional needs. While sex is always nice but I've been with so many girls who just don't get it I want a girl who can relate to what I've been through who won't look at me like I'm insane when they see my wrists are slit. Who will tell me everything will be alright and that I'm not crazy. I just don't think somebody who has never been through what I've been through can do that. I want a girl who i can depend on and cry on her shoulder and I will do the same for her. Im normally a loving supporting boyfreind but there are some days alls I do is cry and stay in my bed. I've had girls who dump me over that. But I want a girl who will understand what is going on and come and help me not overdose on my own thoughts. So does that sound so crazy? And if your a girl who thinks they could be that girl messege me ill get you my number
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Same here!!!

aha thanks for the offer but no thanks dude

It is not a bad thing to have a friend who understands just how painful life can be, this I know to be true.

Hello...I cant say really anything else that was said. Just that in time you will find that special someone. You still have the rest of the summer.. All the best....Anto815

hey first of all tell ur heart to all u will feel relieved second here all want this yhing in their life,but who ever the girl u might find u must love each other just not needs hey tell ur cries to us we are here all like u only we will understand really cause many of us are depressed.......take care bye

well i just got out of the PU a week, or maybe two weeks ago so i dont know what im gonna do not sure if i care enougth to go to a support group and nobody really cares what i do anymore so nobody is pushing me to go. cant afford counseling, aint got no close freinds pushed them all away when i was going crazy awhile ago. what im really looking for is someone to tell me what im doing is wrong. cuz im kinda at that point where im deciding if i actulley even care about myself. im ussaly alone, and me by myself never turns out well honestly i scare myself sometimes, which is why i want someone in my life whos stronger then me. cuz i aint got **** else, nothing to get me out of those downers that just get worse the longer they last

As someone with a b/f who does not understand- I relate. It so meaningful to be understood and empathized with.

**virtual hug** There is a girl out there for you. There is and I firmly believe that there really is someone for everyone. However, sometimes finding each other is insanely difficult. First things first though? You have to learn to be kinder to yourself, learn to love yourself first. Do you have a good trusted friend who you can vent too?<br />
<br />
In the meantime though? Have you considered counseling? Joining a support group of some sort? My mother was what is now termed a "cutter". While I didn't understand it when I was little and growing up dealing with it, I do now. You cut yourself to give yourself physical pain in the hopes of relieving the intense emotional pain you're feeling. There are support groups for it now. <br />
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Please be good to you today!