Someone commented on one of my other things telling me to vent on you guys while I'm still working on my life story I need to vent **** that's recent. So basically my girl crystal are raising two girls not ours they are orphans sort of, its complicated and also a drug addict who just so happens to be my father. i will explain in detail on my life story. We are both 18. Poses some problems. Well basically I found out that cryatal's boy friend had been beating her. I kicked him out. He pages rent and most of our food, so its gonna be a tough month. But I did the right thing right?

This will make much more sense after you read my life stpry
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Alot of the ways you feel(according to post) have alot to do with your childhood. It would be good to attend an ACOA meetings (adult child of alcoholic) same things apply if youre a child of an addict. I know I did too... Good luck!

You did the right thing by kicking him out. I wouldn't put up with that crap that the boyfriend is doing, either.

Yes you did the right thing by kicking him out.It would only get worse if you didnt.Its good to know there are good men like you around.