I Will Kill You

I'm a little skitzo freak so gonna be crazy. So o walked in on one of my girls cutting her wrists i dont know what to do so I took the blade and just started to scream she of course ignored me. I'm losing my girls to the piece of **** we call our lives. There not ready I still need a couple of years to get them ready. I'm no parent I'm a 18 boy stuck in a mans life. And what thevfuck god if you got a problem with me tale it up with me ill take you any day. You ******* coward attacking my girls I'm right here strike me where I stand not a innocent bystandered. What do o need to stand on a cliff with lightning around me to make it more cllimatic.nobody messes with my girls not even you god you lost yoir right to them when you let tjere parents and looked them into a orphange who knows how many years. And now I find out that the same boyfreind who I kicked out for beating one of my girls.I find out that he's been telling her to slit her wrists and jump off a bridge. Now I was raised as a dawg so now he's just another name to cross off my list. Its the same old **** dawg just another day and a mans got to do what I gotta do. And I dunno how to help my girl I mean I'm just 4 years older then her and she's looking at me like I'm her father I'm still cutting my wrists and I guess she noticed and has been trying to watch me do it. So how do I help her when I'm still going through the samd **** just worse ****. Help me plz
ry988 ry988
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 10, 2010

huh? was that even in english? oh, erm, I mean, so sorry to hear about your loss, or something.