Looking For Someone To Talk Too

I hope people in this group don't feel like I'm spamming this group but im comfortable with this group they've been nothing but positive. Well I meet a girl on the site and we were talking back and forth and I dunno how it was for her but it helped me alot. But she hasn't been on in awhile so I'm sad. And I would like someone to talk to not a judgmental ******* or somebody who's trying to fix me I want some one who has my same problem and we can then hopefully help each other out
ry988 ry988
18-21, M
1 Response Aug 12, 2010

i feel alone in the world sometimes like know one cares so sometimes i need some one to talk to or some where i can right down what im feeling so im trying it for the first time. i feel like know one understands me and how i feel, they just thank im happy all the time but im not. sometimes i wounder what life would be like without me?