I'd Pay For My Death.

I wish I could find someone that would be willing to end my life, I seriously would pay A LOT of money for it. I don't even care how they do it anymore... I think I'd rather have someone else do it then myself...it's not even that, I just don't want to be alone at the time of my death...And maybe having someone else do it to me will take some out the guilt off.
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im indonesian, living in bekasi, i will pay for someone to kill me, i will seriously pay it and i need it asap

I will do it. You don't even need to pay me

But I will kill you in a way so sick and painful that you will beg me.

i always thought about that just telling them to do it when im not aware of it i also cant stop thinking of ways i can die eveyday n just hope it does happened like when they were building a new part of my school i was walking alone n i saw the consrtuction man i was hoping hell trip n his hammer or weapn would hit me in the head ... maybe thats y im here because i need someone i can talk to about these things that have te same thought but is not emotionally attach like friends and family but i do understand what ur going throught n its a pain in the ***.So if u need someone im here cuz oi can always use someone to talk about these things with.

talk to someone. its a bad idea, seriously. please just talk to someone. im here. hundreds of people are here!

This is just selfish and dumb doing it. And the people who offer to do it are sociopaths and have some severe problems. Fantasy is one thing but this??? i think you all need help.

I don't know you but I'd make you happy if u wanna talk

dude you kill me i will kill you we aim the gun down our mouth and pull each others trigger when the light goes on or something like that

me too

why dear, do you want to do this in the first place?

me I feel the same way i want to pay some one to kill me want to be shot in the Hart

I feel the same way. I wouldn't know who to ask about that though..lol. It makes sense that you'd want someone to do it for you. I bet it's not that you know you have good reason to live, you're just probably afraid you'll **** up or you're scared to die. Maybe we can do it together, hitler-style ;D

I think the fact you can't do this yourself means your genuinely not capable of killing yourself which means you know you have good reason to live, so get out there and find those reasons. More importantly please share these thoughts with loved ones, not the internet, the people on here just can't give you all the support you need.

Omg i like cut myself like everyday and like i think it's cause i was like molested and what not but like yeah shii there'speople that would like kill you for like money but like I'm like i already like pay somebody to like abuse me and what not but like definitely look around.

Laugh at me if you like but, I am a psychic that does long distance healings. I have helped a lot of people. If you or anyone else in this group would like one (which includes physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual pain) PLEASE befriend me and msg me. Or if you just need someone to talk to that's fine.<br />
Truly hope to help,<br />

you gonna charge ?

hey dont get down on ur self i felt that way to and kinda still do but it gets better trust me

I think a possible method is to rig up explosives to a mobile phone and then post the mobile number on 4chan or a similar site. It might make a bit of distance between you and the one texting the number, more people would be willing to do it.

I have the exact feeling..<br />
I just wish that you find the people around you who would get hurt if you did so.. i haven't done it because there are too many people who would get hurt if I killed myself.

sorry if you thin it iwllmake thing better<br />
<br />
i am afraid nothing would change till it was your time to go you would still see all just not be able to interact i am afraid