Being Dead Or Alive Whats The Difference?

I wish someone would kill me sometimes..what could i posibly have too look foward to?? I feel like a zombie i just walk around eat and wait for someone to just shoot my head-off already...but fck it being dead be same $hit so eithier way in life and in death ill be depress lmao.....
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2 Responses Feb 22, 2012

your not the only one, ive been clinically depressed my whole life and tried to kill myself several times in the past that would have worked if someone didn't stop me or i wimped out on it. Now your probably going to read this and go "what the **** does this ***** know" since that's what i would do, but ive thought about this my whole life so at least give me a chance here because I'm going to get really cynical right here regarding life. <br />
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In all honesty, you could kill yourself easily, everyone has the ability and its not that hard, and even if you do not that many people will care. But you have to see life as a game, god, society, your family, they're all trying to **** with you and you have to be the guy to stand up to them and prove that your too damn good to let them get to you. Ive come to realize that i have no important task in the future, I'm probably not going to be rich, i have no luck with women, and im a piece of **** human being with no potential. But that wont stop me from proving all those other idiots wrong and living to at least try to be better than them.

I cnt say everything ur saying all BS and i cnt say no one understand turns out maybe half people here will.. i can understand wat ur saying and i can tell myself that but most days wnt matter at all too me

it truly hurts to hear someone say that, i know what its like to be so depressed that you want to die, and see no point in getting out of bed in the morning, but i assure you once you find something that i worth living for it will be so wroth it! please dont give up before you know that it is like to feel good again :( because it does get better! everyone has something to live for. i hope the best for you. if you ever need to talk feel free to message me