Battle With Feelings Of Being The Antichrist

I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder with pychotic features and a couple years ago I abruptly got off my meds and attempted suicide. I felt like I needed to be killed before I would harm the earth and everyone on it. Grandiose thinking to say the least! Anyways, those feelings come from a place of great pain. I just started a Blog and I hope you will take the time to read it. I still struggle with this but I know that talking about it makes it lose it's power over me and I refuse to give in to negative thoughts. (But I do. I guess I should say, I'm trying to do it less and less and to create new positive thoughts.) Sometimes it can be so overwhelming but I have to remind myself to laugh. Watch a comedy movie, or get connected to people I love and who love me. This is one way of doing that. Also, telling my story. That is very healing. Don't give up.
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1 Response May 15, 2012

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I am also a bi-polar sufferer and I'm going through something very similar. <br />
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I believe that judgement day will happen soon and I'm Jesus and I have to judge everyone. Not wanting the responsibility I try and avoid the situation by trying to commit suicide. You're the first person who I've found that have similar thoughts to me. I thought I was alone. <br />
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This is a really recent diagnosis for me and I'm struggling to cope. I believed these things for over a year and if anything the diagnosis hasn't helped because my brain has now registered that i'm allowed to feel this way! Thoughts of suicide are increasing. <br />
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Any coping techniques you can advise of would be greatfully received.