Bipolar / Depression Or Both

I'm 29 and live in the uk . I've suffered with feelings of not being normal from as early as I can remember. I do have Extreme lows as well as highs but very rarely feel normal. I've tried cbt counseling 20 different types of tablets including one anti sicotic. Itry to get by with no tablets as I less in control when on them. I got my doctor to agree that it may be bipolar but never been sent for analasis. Currently I can't afford to live which makes my feeling worse. I've just be refused DLA on the grounds I don't need help but if I'm honest , I don't know how to ask or where too. I want my life to be over right now as I feel lost and alone even though I have some really lovely family but the fact of the matter is I dont want to put my family thROUGH this again. Please help me
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2 Responses May 19, 2012


I would suggest you as to have a phycological evaluation. That way you can be treated properly.