I Really Would Be Glad.

I would seriously be glad if someone just shot me right now. This past year I've been stressing and feeling depressed all because of school. I know it's not that important but one class just stresses me out so much that I've been thinking of "falling" down the stairs. Anything to get away from school. If one more thing happens to make me feel like I want to kill myself, I will blow up. I'm pretty much a religious person so I don't want to kill myself and go to hell. Which is why I'm just hoping. Hoping a lot that I die today, maybe even right now. 
DamnThisStupidLife DamnThisStupidLife
2 Responses May 21, 2012

One of the best thing to do when going through a rough time is to look ahead in the future for when you no longer have to deal with that problem! And use that as the thing that drives you to get through that hard time :) And talk to/hangout with good friends only! Now is one of those times you need someone to give you constant positive encouragement, so stay strong and remember this would not be happening to you if you couldn't handle it! ;)

Trust me I know what it was like for me in school. At least you have the attitude you wanted to do good...I just wanted to get high and hang out...skip class all the time...came to school drunk everyday....and I am talking about the age of 14-16. So I say that to say YOU ARE VICTORIOUS even as you think it is over...You lasted longer than I did before I got it right.....Your life means so much once you get through this difficult stage..We all deal with it differently....Just know THIS TOO SHALL PASS....but the world will need your knowledge to pull through...STAY STRONG......We all will die one day....No need to rush it...