My Life Is Useless And No One Can Help.

I feel like life is useless.I wish someone would just come kill me now. I hate myself and my life. I would kill myself but I don't have the guts. I don't like talking to like anyone about it because it feels like I'm a burden. I wish I could just be normal you know? I feel so out of place. My moms side is the happiest people I know. My dad side of the family you have the athletes,popularr and up beat people. Then you have me. Im the one who is emotionally messed up and jas problems. I'm the one who does weed. i just don't belong. I'm the disgrace. My mom used to try to get me help and when i was 8 my dad left. I think it's because of me. I mean how would you like to have a depressed kid? I want to just disappear and let everyone else be happy. Im just a useless pot head.This year in school i have been more quiet and I just feel like I want to break down. What's wrong with me. I mean I feel like I'm too stressed for a 13 year old. Everyone thinks its a stage and I will get through it but I am tired of always letting people down and ****.I always diasappoint people. I just want to fie. I would pay someone to shoot me. What's the point you live and die anyways. I am surrounded by friends but yet I feel so alone. I constantly isolate myself from my family. I want to die. No more pain or waiting. I am tired of never being good enough. I hate this. No one can help. I have cuts up my arm and I have gone to the hospital multiple times for it. No one can do anything. I hate myself. Im never gonna be good enough. Im ******* dieng already. ImĀ  a wreck. I constantly blow up on some people. I hate my life :(. Help me i don't know what to do anymore everything i try fails.I thought of jumping of bridges. I have tried sucide oce but I messed up and a cop came and saved me just in time. I hate my life. Fuking kill me.How do you face your family who has no idea. No one gets it and trying to explain it all is like explaining wat water taste like. You never fully get it.I just don't know what to do. This is not healthy. I don't know what to do. my friend I told told me to get on happy pills I dont want anymore drugs. I dont need it. Im 13 and Im hanging on the edge slipping one hand at a time. I wish I could just be normal
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Message Me.. I Would Love To Talk To Someone My Age Who Feels Just The Same As Me.

If I held my hand out would you take it? :) I believe you that school and your life is so depressing and stressful, but I also believe you can make it through this and grow into someone strong and wonderful! As life isn't always perfect the best thing to do is find people that will be there for you and hold you up when you are down. I truly wouldn't mind having a depressed kid, I would still be there for them and help them get better and free from depression. School can be very stressful or depressing, and if you can't find help from your family look elsewhere just like you are doing on here. I went through a time in my life where I wanted to kill myself but I found something to keep me alive till I get out of this hard time, and I'd love to help you! Feel free to contact me and I'll help you through any tough time you have! :)

Contact me if you want. or respond here. Maby we can search for a solution together even from a distance

Words i have none, thougts i have many. i'dd wish i was near you and take away youre pain. i wish to carrie all of youre problems. I just wish you could talk to me and all I would do is listen, I will not judge. You could beat or kick me whatever makes you feel good. I sence so much anger. within you carrie a. <br />
burden to havy on your schouders. I cant do mirracles our i can listen. Remember you are not alone.