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I was young when I first started to feel like this. But it all started with a single event that sent me spiraling down a hill of nothing. My cousins best friend got me drunk one night when I was 10. And that night I lost so much, everything a girl should hold dear and close to her heart, and he ******** it away from me, like it was nothing to him, like it shouldn't have mattered to anyone, not even me. I started cutting about a month after it happened, and I have been ever since., I moved to Cali to get away, take a break from all the faces that reminded me of the pain of what happened. But there I got myself into even more pain, racing in the streets, fighting in the streets, drinking and getting into drugs, and by the time I moved away a year later. I had 3 dead best friends, and had put someone into a coma for 5 months, and killed someone in a car wreck when his car blew up cause I hit him in just the wrong spot. Then I moved back to OK, got pregnant, and lost my baby 4 months into it. Now I just got found after running away, and my parents signed over ALL legal custody of me. I hate my life, and I want it to END!
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Wow... that's quite a story. I can't imagine what some of those experiences would be like. But I will say, I've certainly had my share of depression and depressing circumstances. And people who should care not caring. If you'd like someone to talk anything over with or just to listen to you please send me a message. I will reply.