He Is Now Married, How About Me?

I got a neighbour and I have been crusehd with him years ago.H e is really sweet guy and kind.I never talk with him or be closed with him.I liked him. But now, i have heard he is married.His wedding is today! We as his neigbour, they didnt invite us. Its really sad.

Oh, its must be weird to think your crushed or your ex bf/gf married and you still be single. =/
missanie missanie
18-21, F
2 Responses Jul 8, 2012

I speak the truth

Cheer up missanie. There will be plenty more men in your life and probably plent more ex's either by your choice, his choice or mutual decision. Also, with the way people get divorced these days (dont wit for it too happen, though) You might be in a happy and possibly relationship and he might be alone again, and if his wife is a ***** she will probably take him for the gold fillings in his teeth!