I Don't Sorry

I do not want to open my heart to you,
Sorry I am not God,
Yet thought maybe I should try and love you like God would,
With unconditional love despite of the **** you put me through

Sorry I don't want to open my heart to you
I know I am not God and unconditional love is but a sham
Who are you to deserve my love in anyway after you ridiculed me before?
When I tried to reach out and you just shot me ******* down huh?

I would have done anything for you,
And keep on feeding you all my energy, time and love
Because I felt led by love and something greater than me
But what if that something greater than me is not all about sweet love huh?

Yeah that is right what if God is a ******* two face just like you?
Then you would not deserve the good parts either!
I always thought what is Love but to reach out and teach others,
But truth be told you can teach no one really they all make their own perceptions of what is and what is NOT in anyway not being your view in anyway so...

Nothing I would ever do or say would make you see things through my eyes
Because you have your own bloody pair of eyes to see **** for yourself
How I see it would never be how you ever really see it,
So what is the use? You are not worth the effort so I am glad I am setting you free by letting myself walk away from this mind **** you want to play!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a better plan here:
Love thyself alone!!!!!
indigowitch indigowitch
22-25, F
Aug 19, 2012