Another Failed Attempt.

Whatever happened to that saying 'living is like breathing' ? Well what if breathing is a task alone, I have nothing left to live for. I've never had anything.Everyone tells me life itself is a reason to live. Why? To me it's not. Living each day through, going through the routine. Fake smile. Laugh when I have to. I read in the news how this person died and that person died, and I ask myself. " Why can't it be me?" Honestly, can't god be so kind as to give my cancer and make someone else's go away? Make me the person on the plane who doesn't get found. The man who got in the crash, or the girl who was trapped in a burning house. Make me the cashier at the gas station in a robbery, the unlucky hostage to die. It seems no matter where I go people die and I am the unlucky soul to keep living. It's like I'm doomed to live a long life. A long, lonely, friendless, painful, unwanted life. Dying, doesn't scare me but living. waking up each morning to face some unknown task. I ask myself each morning; Will today be the day, will I die today? I know I'm not the only one. Please. How do you stand living? How do I end this?
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reasons not resins...

You are not being killed off daily, or even going close to that. Therefore you must have a real purpose for being here. Start to search for your reason to be on Earth and stop seeking out the resins to die. Be brave without even knowing why. Stop the negative bullshit and embrace your life and, if necessary, change whatever you don't like. You have the power to do that. Most important, never give another living soul permission to **** up your day, your life, your happiness. Just don't give them the permission to do that!

I can totally relate to this. With all the events that have happened through out my own life i wish someone would just take mine.

I feel like this all the time.

: ( Well I'm here if you ever need someone to talk to.

See, you have identified a most noble purpose to push through. Being there for others in need. You are a good person.

never a reason to end it,,,love will overcome that desire and you will be at peace with yourself and the world