My Suicide~

When morning comes there will be no light. For time has run out. Day shall no longer fade to night. Darkness encases all. Engulfs the souls of many as it plays with their inner self and grows to control your mind. Lost? That sounds about right. Hurt? Well of course. People words blow away not to be heard as your stuck in your own little world trapped by death and the longing to fade away. To die and not live anther day. Oh the sweet ode of death. My body aches for such comfort of knowing it could all end at the drop of a dime. Why not? Your world has already been conquered. From which the land you come, there is no rank. Neither King nor peasant. It’s a globe of silent empty space longing to be filled with someone’s cries for help.; cries that will go unheard. Why? Because in every game there’s a winner and a loser. Guess you got the lucky hand. Your rolling around the ground carrying the stench of hurt and unheard pain. Only one man knows such a fragrance. You lay a trail and he’s sure to follow. You find comfort in his arms only to find you can see no better then when you were blind. But its to late. Your lost and guess what. Nobody’s looking. That’s right. Life goes on as your left lifeless on the floor. People, they step around you. Label you off as another one of them. Overlook you and leave you abandoned and exiled from society. For no one knows the pain of being overlooked. All the hypocrites saying they care. Saying there will be an end. Your words say so little for the amount of actions you produce. Congrats and welcome to this world. Your burial plot, it sits and waits. Your gravestone reads welcome. So that’s it, lean a little farther over the edge. But know this. You will be brushed off as another statistic. Your loved ones will shed few tears and put you in the past. Why? Because they were never there for you. Nor your best friend. That’s right your lost and no one cares to look. Empty space. More empty space. See that’s all life really is. It’s filling that empty space. Only if you could be loved the way you love, but its to late, you’ll be gone before the dial tone. Make mends with your inner demons because soon you’ll be playing for the same side and this time you may be truly and completely lost.
knifeb4life knifeb4life
18-21, F
Dec 1, 2012