I Hte Myself

hey i just wanted te tell my story so people can give me tips
i am ttoo fat and i try to starve myself but that doesn't work so i tied to kill myself but the rope broke and now i want to try to vomit but i dont know how to
does any of you have an idea to solve both of mij problems ( 1: to fat 2 : dont know how to kill myself )
ihatemyselfre ihatemyselfre
13-15, F
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dont waste your life, i went through a suicidal phase but once you get out the other side you can make the most of your time on this planet, if you feel that you are overweight, dont try to starve yourself, this will make you deficcient in lots of vital nutrients like vitamins c and d along with calcium and iron and your body will try to protect you from death by storing fat in excess (making you even fatter but still hungry) make sure you eat 3 healthy meals a day fairly low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals, these will make you strong and your skin, hair and teeth beautiful. I would reccomend watching the film Amilie as it can help make you aware of all the little and important things you are missing. most of all don't worry about life, let your gut instincts take over for a while but within reason. Be confident within yourself and just ignore what others say if you dont like it. You are who you are and dont let anyoe change that. Belive in yourself you beautiful person. Don't worry, it can turn out ok, let yourself have a cry now and again but the worst thing you can do is wallow in helplessness and self pity, it will do nothing but make you feel bad. Good luck, i hope you go far. x

I'll do the typical boy thing and give you advice instead of sympathy :-)
If you want to lose wait starving yourself won't work because your body slows down your metabolism when you fast and anyway you just get so hungry you binge. The best way to do it is to carefully count calories (2000 a day for me but you'd need to ask your doctor how many a 15 year old girl needs, I think it's 1600) then eat that many - it doesn't matter of what really - and get exercise! 30 minutes twice a week is all you need. Burning calories from exercising raises your metabolism and lowering your intake burns fat, so it works good ;-)
One problem solved! Now the answer to the second one is Please Don't. Please don't leave us.

Hi, I tried to find the question you asked to respond to you but I couldn't, and when I tried to send you mail I couldn't because I'm 55 and you're 15. Send me a message so we can talk. I'm safe :-) I have a daughter your age. (But I'm not going to preach to you. It sounds like you badly need a friend and I'm volunteering.)