Im Gone.

it's like the blade that carves into me at night.
the sharp pain of hunger eating me alive.
the burning of my skin leaving it raw.
you don't know the pain you cause me and you never will.
it'll be too late because i'm almost gone.
watch me fade while your in tears.
im bleeding out now but no need to fear
because im fine right?
i always am.

but sometimes i lie.
iwishiwasgone13 iwishiwasgone13
13-15, F
3 Responses Dec 9, 2012



yes you good writer of poem is powerful i write poetry too i know what is good and like yours a lot xxx

thank you xxx

you are a very good writer..though life right now is painful dont forget that by writing you can let out your feelings...i am sure you will find your way to happiness so dont give up

thanks hun...that means alot c: am i really a good writer? :)