What Is This.

When your truly left with no one in the world, this is the only choice you've got to find some kind of peace. I am truly alone. I wish one of you could save me, but lets face it, I'm too far gone. I was abused, unwanted, alone, lost. I spent days as good as totally isolated. I lost everyone in my life one way or another. I cut at least once a week. I've been pulling out my hair, punching myself. I hate myself. Not good enough. So heyy, been trying since i was twelve, its been five years too long. Lets see how far a cup of bleach will push me ey? Don't bother trying to stop me. No one will miss me. Ill take things with me in a way, and that's all they'll miss. I have no name, I have no identity, don't even bother with a grave because no one will come. Not even to spit on it. If it's eternal darkness, let me sleep. I'll dream forever. Just wanted to be happy. None of you will know my story, doubt anyone will care. So goodbye.
thefuckup thefuckup
1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Don't kill yourself. The least you could do is let someone else do it for you. Head over to a serial killer section; I'm sure people would be willing to help you out. I know I am.