I Just Dont See The Point In Living

Well.... im 14 and i just dont want to carry on like this. Its not as if im being bullied or i am lonely because i have amazing friends that are there for me but they dont see the other side of me the sad and angry side that cuts and crys im cutting my life away and cant stop im just matching the outside to the inside ..... ugly ad fat no none needs me im ugly and stupid just want it to end :'(
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Two things:

1. Talk with a counselor, psychologist, or priest to figure whether something is really wrong. It could just be your life situation or could be something more. No way to find out unless you talk with a professional who knows the difference.

2. You deserve to be happy. Yes, there will be times of pain and heartache, but everyone deserves a little happiness. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, focus on figuring out ways to change your situation or improve things. The stuff you can't do anything about (you'll have to accept), but there has to be something you can improve or change in your life (nobody can take that accomplishment from you).


Yeah, I know to. I'm 52 and have felt the way you do sence I was your age. I also atempted suicide several times, maybe I was not serious or I would have succeded, but it felt real. I don't have the answers. And I still feel sometimes death is the solution, but it's not. The world won't be a better place without. Quite the opposit, the world is better bscause you are in it. Everyone you have or ever will know is changed forever because you said a kind word to them, helped them in some small way. You have so much time, please don't throw it away those who talk down to you? Pitty them for not seeing your beauty. And live. There are two reasons to live. The first is to love those who love you, and to anoy the rest. both are worth living for.
Please take care.

nobody ever sees my miserable side, I hide it with everything i can, they think i'm abit shy n dont stick up for myself, mainly because when someone tries to say something to hurt me, ive already said it to myself or worse, they think they know me, but i know me better.

Yeah me too but people are starting to see the cracks in the huge show i put on to the world

"People talk about the meaning of life; there is no meaning of life -- there are lots of meanings of different lives, and you must decide what you want your own to be." -- Joseph Campbell


Why would you say that? I feel the same way as you do. But there's the point on the life, If there wasn't point on life, Then what are we going to do so? You just gotta make point on your life, I already have one point. It's to live the life.

I understand what you mean its just whatever i do its not good enough and people say im just being dramatic or atenttion seeking but they will never understand and even if i try to explain it to them i will be called an emo or a cutter and i cant deal with it all

You see, I been called names, even a emo or cutter. But that doesn't stop me at all, I just ignore them and they'll stop. You just need to ignore them and keep living.