...if Only They Didn't Care

I wish that I could acept the help but I can't. I just feel like i'm drowning constantly and I can't be helped. My mind won't let me rest and has turned my arms into canvas' for its drawings. I can feel myself running out of time. Why do they have to care?
lerinbdrowning lerinbdrowning
18-21, F
3 Responses Jan 10, 2013

I know how u feel. Hope u r doing ok.

Everyone feels overwhelmed at times. Always good to have a friend, priest, counselor, or family member to talk with about these feelings. If these feelings are affecting your ability to function, then you should go see a psychologist no matter what anyone tells you. No shame in admiting to a problem and seeking help; it is ignoring or deluding yourself where the problem lies.

I am sorry you feel the way you do,I'm not a psychiatrist or anything like that,but I do have a sister who is or was going through a similar situation. Very hard to see her suffer with it! She ended up going to see a psychiatrist and diagnosed with being bipolar. She was put on medication to help her deal with the way she was feeling and now she feel worthy of herself!!! You are a very beautiful young woman and should consider getting and excepting the treatment that people are able to give you. YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!!! Good Luck to you!!!