Back At Home

a constant reminder of how little my parents think of me.
i cant do uni, i have too much debt, no friends any more (literately) all i have is people at work and i dare not show them the real me. I'm 20 years old and i don't care any more, its all well to be sad, but to not care? somebody please put a bullet in my head! :(
notmadeforthisearth notmadeforthisearth
18-21, M
1 Response Jan 16, 2013

I feel like that sometimes too.. Like I'm so different, and all other people seem to be doing just fine but I'm the odd one out. I've come to think that it's only the most awesome people, and pioneers that have it this way. It's tough but maybe it's here to propel us in another direction... I dropped out of uni like 4-5 times. Maybe I'm just not meant for it...Some times it was really crushing to me especially when my grandmother or other relatives (especially those who didnt like me) made me feel like I was stupid or a loser. But heck I know Im not and Im never going to listen to these ppl again. If they cant understand me they shouldnt bloody try to give me any advice. I dont know how Ill fare in life but I cant help having the feeling that something is going to go good. I sincerely dont believe in uni that much anymore cause the programmes are just too boring and its way too expensive for that. Its a crappy experience. I dont thrive in school environments. I thrive when Im in smaller settings, possibly alone, and when I take my time to nurture my talents. We definitely all have our special gifts and you're put on this earth exactly because this earth needs what you can bring... dont believe others when they make you feel that you're less than them because you can';t do the things they can. Maybe they can because they are boring people and just clones of each other and we arent! I hope you didnt mind my little ranting but I hope my story can inspire you in any way.. I just decided to simply ignore and not try to reply to any attacks or comments people make. Just ignore and keep focussing on the positive.. I know you've got something awesome on the inside of you and all you need to do is follow your passions (think abt what you loooved, especially as a child), and know that you can do awesome stuff in this world and you don't need other ppl to tell you what they think of you when they themselves are so blind and lacking in love.