I Lost My Husband To Suicide Three Days After We Lost Our Home To Foreclosure

He was my soulmate and my sweetheart. We were married for 15 years and together for 17. He lost his job and 6 months later, we lost our home in foreclosure. 3 days later, he jumped off a bridge and died. All of our belongings were in a storage building after we lost the house. I lost that after he died because I couldn't pay the monthly fee. Everything we owned. We had kitty cats who I had to give away because I didn't have a home. The only thing I've lived for this long is to get back to them, get a home, furnish it (because I lost everything we had), get a vehicle that runs and try to write about all of this. Partly to purge it, partly to let others know they're not alone if anything remotely like this has happened to them. I don't have the money to do any of that. I am so far in debt that I can't find a way to live, to have my niche in life and to keep going. Everyday, I wake up crying because he's not here. I fall asleep crying. I'm broke. I'm alone. I really want someone to help me get back to him. I've tried doing it myself and didn't succeed, obviously. I need someone who understands that we're not all meant to be here. That maybe we've done what we were meant to do in life and now it's over. Someone to help me stop suffering. If anyone is willing to, you will be reuniting me with my husband and that is a good thing. Nothing to feel badly about. Will someone please help me?
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Jan 18, 2013