Life Is Not Worth Living!

I sometimes wish I could swap lives with those less fortunate than me and then maybe I'd value my life because right now I believe it's not worth living..just once in a while happiness comes into my life but then goes. Everyday I have to put on a fake smile letting people know that I'm happy and my life is great but in reality I want to commit suicide and end all the problems..I always wondered whether anyone would cry for me after I died and I always wanted to see who would but I probably know deep inside that no one would cry in fact they'd be more than happy to know that I'm gone out of their lives. I just wished all this crap would just go and that maybe my life could be like those cartoons where in the end everything becomes okay again... :( I've always thought of self harming myself or even committing suicide..yes I know I'm a coward but when it comes to this then I think killing myself is the only option but I'm just too scared to do it..maybe one day I'll find my confidence and get a weapon and free myself and everyone else in my life from me :( maybe that's the best option.
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2 Responses Jan 23, 2013

First, to all the teenagers looking to kill themselves, understand that you are going through a highly stressful period of brain formation. Give it time, at least until you are 25, then reassess.

Now, for people aged 25 or more I have little to add to the encouragement people have put here to think things through carefully. This is an important and big decision.

However, after reading all these uniformly positive messages of Life is worth living I have one question to ask these supportive advisors:

Is it ever possible that life reaches a point for some people at some time where it is just not worth living? Why do you assume that life is necessarily good? Isn't it possible that life is just neutral and sometimes it goes good and sometimes horribly wrong?

How is the advice to hold on today because tomorrow will always be better any different than a simply play on the fact that the future is always uncertain? Do you advise holding on because the future is uncertain?, not that it is necessarily going to change? Isn't it possible that a bad situation simply continues bad or actually gets worse?

Most people would agree that Yes it is possible but YOU ARE NOT CERTAIN IT WILL. OK, but is waiting worth the pain suffered while you wait?

What if the good offered by life is just not good enough? So waiting for things to turn around after 20 or 30 years of struggle and failure and disappointment will, even if things turn around, not result in a "good" that is good enough? Extremely good things are by nature rare. So why should someone who has had a hard, disappointing desperate life wait around for what is, by probability alone, likely to be a meager, small, sparing and woefully emotionally lacking "good".

In short, what if life is bad for some people and always will be or at best will provide a small and virtually meaningless "good"?

How do you answer that -- just deny it?

think of one person in your life that's worth living your life for, think of how your death and absence will affect that one person. It may seems too easy to take the easy exit but think of your love ones you're leaving behind and the people who actually do care about you. We all have problems, but different , some have it easy and some have it hard, it seems that you're having a hard life but remember there's always light at the end of the tunnel. I hope you're ok