I have to hang out with my bully during lunch and resses at 6th grade and it's bc my best friend hangs out with my bully so I hang out with my best friend and so i have to hang out who my ******* bully just **** MY LIFE 😫😫😫😫😫
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when i was your age i didn't take any s*&t from bullies bc that is the only way they will back off.

i had a girl who wanted to fight me once and i had never even met her. not a clue as to why she wanted to take me out. one day she came up behind me, clotheslining me (look it up if you don't know what it is). however, to her surprise, and the now gathering crowd, i didn't fall. she did outweigh me by at least 15 lbs. i told her if she touched me again, i'd kill her. my tone was very flat, very cold. she knew i meant it. the crowd dispersed and i never saw her again...except maybe as a friend suggestion on facebook. lol.

my question to you is why does your BEST friend hang out with YOUR bully? that doesn't sound right.

My best friend is like my sister me and her can get through it together and I'll end up being suspended from school this year by trying to beat up my bully bc I'm stronger and meaner than her she picks on me bc she is taller than me when I am older than her and if I get hit I got back

Find a new friend **** h and the bully don't torture yourself