I wish someone would just come kill me now! My cramps are so damn bad right now, and Im still ******* bleeding! I hate this time of the month, my stomach feels like there are a millions of knives going into it, and when I lay down, it just hurts more! It all ******* hurts! I wish someone would just come kill me now, and end this damn pain! it all just hurts! =/

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Are you on birth control? If not, you should look to get that taken care of. I know that birth control makes periods lighter and helps regulate them. Take some Tylenol and try to relax as best as you can. I really hope you feel better soon!

Just keep dosed up with ibuprofen and paracetomol.
Try snuggling up with a hot water bottle and watching a movie :)

I don’t know if this is an option or not, I had the same problem. Horrible cramps, I would bleed clumps of blood. I wasn’t able to leave the house for the first 2-3 days. My doctor put me on pain pills. That helped a lot. After my second son I had a partial hysterectomy. What I didn’t realize, was that it threw me in to early menopause. That is another set of problems.

go see a gynocologist - she will be able to recommend things to help alleviate the pain. In the meantime - take ibuprofen or advil - they really help. Also try and put a heating pad on the area.

perhaps, if you're having such severe pain (as i do every time I have a period), you should go see a gyn, because it could be a condition called endometriosis.

I know your pain im going throw the same thing

I know there are drugs and birth control methods that stop your period completely. My wife was on one where she got a shot every 3 months and din't have a period for years. Hang in there.<br />

Maybe there is something else medically that you need to look into. We all suffer to different degrees during that time of the month, but if it is that extreme there could very well be other factors that you can't detect.

At the other extreme end they can stop periods medically i know one lady who said she was having it done. Think once its done you cant have kids but i dunno enough about it.<br />
If i was in pain i would take something for it .

The privilege of being a woman can be hard to bear...I still cant get my head round the fact woman only have a certain amount of eggs and loose them each month.I make fresh ***** every day?...Any way there is things u can do to make it go away,maybe u have tried some.the pill will ease or stop menstruation? .The jab?, The implant seems to me to be the best from what i know.Im not sure where u r in the world and what is available but for sure the hell ure going thru can be helped.Dont suffer any more go and get help.My female friends have went through the same but got help and most don't even have menstruation any more.Some do tho and go through hell every month but that's just the ones that didn't do any thing about it.I dont know ure pain but i hear ure cries.Words wont console u but ure actions might help.u will feel better soon but try and get help for next time.Now i feel guilty for being a man and free from that pain..Sorry

damn...sorry to hear that. I used to go through the same thing until I started skipping my period with birth-control pills....i hope that you find some relief...i often found that heat and B complex helps

They do make a drug to where you only have a period once in three months. Maybe you could check into that. I think I understood it right. Might be worth checking out. Good Luck