So So Tired

I am just so so tired.  From the outside my life isn't all that bad, i don't have any major problems, no real traumic experiences to recall for you.  But i am just so tired of this.  I am so so tired of having to go through this day after day after day.  I don't want to die to get away from my problems, i just want someone to kill me so i won't have to keep living this pathetic, silly, little life.  I just want the ride to stop.  The pain i feel is not that of inflicted suffering that is to much to bear.  Its from being alone for so long, constantly trying to live a life that i just don't seem to fit into.  I just want to stop trying.  I am not looking for everything to be perfect, i am not looking for happiness, i am just trying to stop feeling this way..... somehow.

Spitefuldreams Spitefuldreams
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3 Responses Mar 7, 2010

i know how u feel. Like u dont want to kill urself but u just want to die. The whole travel idea is just silly. If u cant enjoy where u are now how do we enjoy being anywhere, right? Every morning when my eyes open i think ah **** not again... Paint on my smile and go on outside to work. i think of every way possible i could die but nothing ever happens to me. I have no dramas in mylife, never abused etc etc which just makes me feel guiltier and worse. I know how u feel but how do we fix it when no one gets it. I went to a psychiatrist intern who suggested i get an hour of sunlight and go for half an hours walk a day. I nearly laughed in her face-for starters how do i go for a walk when i can hardly drag myself out of bed and i get way more then an hour of sun a day and i aint even getting a tan out of it, Lets pray for some disease that kills us in a minute!!!

so your tired of life.....its boring same job day after day. Wot u need to do is simple pack a bag and go on a journey. Travel the world see the pyrimads the rain forrest try things u never thought youd do jump of a waterfall, sky dive. You tired of living so just live! Ok so u might say u dont have the money. LIAR Every one has some amout of money. Yes but I need it for stuff Well ur planning on dyying what else you gonna use it for. Live a little, if u fail...well its not like its matter cos like u se "u want to die" so u wont need the money. If it works well start again, life isn't cheap.

I know exactly how you feel, but what I always tell myself-as hard as it is- is to fix it myself. You won't get anywhere if you just sit around and wait for it to get better. Think more positively-and trust me, this is gonna be a lot harder than it sounds- and don't overreact to the little things. If you're tired of being lonely, go out there and find someone! No one will come to you unless you're looking, too (See, I even made a rhyme). Feel better, don't give up just yet. :) (: