People Tick Me Off

I can't believe I see it how many times a year? It's endless where I live it can be shady but we live in a good area. I heard on the news a toddler was shot and killed by a stray bullet around 11 pm, now what the hell was a toddler doing out that late!!! Also some parents don't keep an eye on their children. I was at my cousins house and it use to be a great neighborhood ,then drugs moved in. I was visiting and I was looking down the street. I think it was a little girl she had a diaper on that sagged to her knees. No shoes,socks, shirt or pants. That upset me so greatly I cried for over a week.Another instance near my home town involved a complete break in and grab of a gas station! They didn't show the kids faces but they showed their hands. And you heard them laughing and bragging about the candy they stole from this poor gas station owner who was in India because his mother died. What is this world coming too. To be honest I'm afraid for our future. I know that there are some good kids, no great kids out there, but I'm afraid of the punks.
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1 Response Jan 23, 2012

we need to take steps to stop kids breeding more kids, for many reasons<br />
one way is to stop welfare,<br />
we may vener need to take the steps china took years ago limit family size<br />
<br />
this world if different then the one i grew up and and it has gotten a lot worst<br />
<br />
i miss never having a child withm y wife i miss we never were able to adopt a child but you had to be 21<br />
<br />
was the on issue they had when we tried<br />
but my wife was killed at 19 in viet nam