Stupid People: Common Cents & The Missing Peace

Companies now have to allocate a solid percentage of revues to the deep pockets of lawyers to whom take comments relating to being shifty or a shiesty individual as a compliment. Revenue that could be used for product development, expanding and in turn creating more jobs, or lowering prices of your favorite products. Now one must consider the revue lost by greed associated with the 1-800 lawyer get rich quick kraze that has increased in popularity ever since the 1994 infamous Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants, class-action suit I like to call Nooo, no the face as Liebeck sued Mr. Ronald McDonald because in defiance of popular belief coffee should not be served hot or at lease should not be served to the common idiot. It is believed McDonalds settled for $600,000 which in turn created a whole new ageofcomplete temporary lack of common sense to which Darwin may very well may owe his respects as given in the form of a reward of ending such failure bound life without producing off-spring. Which in some sense would give meaning to the life of these nobody told me I wasnt to put that in there ect type of people but that sad fact is stupid people are determined to breed.

The McDonalds lawsuit while not the first of its kind but after receiving much media attention it was the case that stirred the pot.  Lawsuits that have flooded the jursical system by various get rich quick schemers which were coming out in the thousands all over the United states. TV lawyers dominated the 1 800 TV advertisement slots and were rewarded the most airtime, at the highest point dominated 60% of available time shots allocated to all advertisement. The constant ads were driving home the message through means of repetitive but often very catchy phrases and slogans all bearing the message, we get it, your waste of skin, only purpose to society is to make us lawyers rich, but its not your fault as you were not informed or have no recollection of common sense and would not survive if food stamps did not tell you where to use them but in a nice way lawyer scripted dramatization depicting you as the victim and not the common idiot as you really are. Lawyer based solely on lawsuits and would not know his left foot if placed in a real legal situation often closely resembling moral and personality traits to that of Lionel Hutz, the lawyer from the hit TV show the Simpsons and vow to fight for the compensation you deserve. Now not only the message is clear that it is not your fault that you are graced with IQ of a lemming bird, but now it is clear you, ungraceful idiot, are magically entitled to receive a plentiful cash payout. Before you go jumping in front of a bus consider the following if you still feel the need than by all means do so before you reproduce, That is all we ask.

Coffee is hot, toasters and water dont mix, no dont put your mouth on that, Even most children at the age of 5 have the ability to determine common sense you would think by the time that one was reached adult status at a age recognized by a governing agency as mature enough to have a say in political affairs as a recognized legal voter, would have at this point, if not mastered, the seemly not-so complex ability to use to ones advantage the brainwave associated with common sense. It would be only right to assume as a functional member of society deemed sane and free of mental retardation by a recognized medical institution, would at very least have a generalized understanding of potential hazards and see to it that if possible avoid such acts directly associated with serious risk. Even stupid people are the product of millions of years of evolution and in order to understand the simple mind of the unimaginably stupid person we must first determine how much we have changed in general compared to our forefathers. Than we can see what change (if any) stupid people have gone through. It is very possible the evolution of so called stupid people has been slowed or halted completely. People considered average or above average intelligents, like us reason minded thinkers of todays standards, achieved such level of comprehension through years of evolution. That being said one could only assume at one point everyone was created equally and had the same level of brilliants. Stupid people were at one point, for a very short time equal in terms of knowledge and quite possibly above the smarter class as the saying goes strong back weak mind.
  Weak minds may have very well ruled the world, the exact point where we non-stupid beings begin our legacy of control over the weak minds and used our brains to gain advantage may as well happened quite some time before the wheel. As our primal beginning evolved slightly, actives sought out not only to insure existence but now we sought out activities geared towards pleasure. We have been always faced with the recurring problem of cracking our heads open to which be the cause of life threatening injury and death, as we evolve so do the various type of sports. This problem of busted skulls due to combat, and sport like actives remained a leading cause of the numerous unnecessary injuries. Throughout thousands of years of well documented cases and it is safe to say dates back to the caveman vs. bushman primal forms of competition. To which the primitive origin is the basis of our much loved recreational actives enjoyed around the world today.

One can only assume given the unseemly fact, we as humans very much enjoy cracking our skulls in the pursuit of fun and games. What we do next is true sign of determination to continue and not give up on our much loved skull cracking sports as most of us concluded; the potential risk out weighted the pleasure associated with high risk activities and vowed not to take part in said activities. But the truly determined send on without thinking twice literally. In the pursue of disregard the brain which can no longer sit back and watch heads being cracked at such an astonishing rate, in its own form of self- protection gives us the idea to develop and prefect the external skulls or as commonly known in todays world as the helmet.Which is used for increased protection. The brain is very concerned for good reason for its own protection through reasoning based on years of statistics and facts reaches the conclusion its host (the body) will not refrain from such activates so the external skull or helmets as it is commonly referred to is developed that will allow us go on full force and continue our much loved skull cracking activities but now with a ninety-five percent success rating much to the relief of our brain as it was the victim of years human stupidity now this external skull does it best but still the not so bright 5% still find a way and make an effort to fail. The true primal idiots, the 5% to whom get there genes passed down from thousands of years of head crackers that survived long enough to breed. Of that 5% group of primates not all will continue the pursuit of their forefathers as some will have evolved to a slightly above the welfare dependant majority but 1% of the population will manage no matter what protective measure Is in place, undoubtly find some way to deify logical and viable reason these people are what make it necessary for companies to display the fine print as to warn potential idiots of possible dangers to which falls on deaf ears as it goes without saying nobody reads the fine print. Especially the ones it has been designed to protect. If 95% of us already know enough to think twice before attempting to clean lawn mower blades while engine is running, or presume risk of electrical shock is prevalent if one makes the decision to service a device without proper training or at very least first unplugging from electricity source... Why so many warning labels of common sense? Well you can thank the 1000s of people who injury themselves everyday due to improper use, personal error, or just general unexplained? stupidity to which even that of fictional characters, Curly, Larry and Moe would deem repulsive, stomach-turning behavior of idiotic nature.
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Jun 23, 2012