Poor Unfortunate Souls

It's the children I feel sorry for. It's amazing that for all the years that birth control has been available, there are still idiots not using it. There are free clinics all over the U.S. and it only takes an hour of your life to go get FREE pills and condoms!

I know a girl right now who is pregnant. She has two children she is getting "overnight" visits with after having them taken away from her due to her drug problem. She is in and out of jail for shoplifting and fighting. Sound like a teenager? She's 23, or in that range. So she is pregnant again! I am glad to say she is off the drugs atleast, and is trying to stay away from others of bad influence, but she's still shoplifting. I have been giving her toys and things that my son can no longer use because I know she can't buy them. Not for her, but for that baby! Just the other day I heard her say, "you play you pay, but after this one I qualify for a tie and burn from medicare" or something to that effect. Well, I just had my first. I have medicare, and I got a FREE IUD! C'mon! Family planning is free for up to a year after your child's birth. You're PCP provides free birth control! You can get pills, depo, or iud for free! You didn't have to do without! You were just too lazy to go get something done!

It's the children who suffer from your ignorance! Sometimes, a child is lucky enough to be adopted to a good, loving family. Other times they are shuffled around until no one cares anymore. And worse yet, some stay with parents who could care less if they are fed, clean, or happy. It sickens me!

Just a few months ago I was told about a local news story. I don't watch tv so I never see the news. My neighbor does and she was telling me about this couple who had done so much meth, they left their 8 month boy and 3 year old girl at home on Wed evening and didn't return til Mon. They found themselves in prison because they left their drugs and needles on the livingroom coffee table. The 8month old baby was found dead and green. Green! Not pale, or blue. Green! Poisoned by the drugs after being hungry enough to eat anything! The girl was found hiding in a closet, terrified.

We don't realize how often things like this happen. People should have to take multiple tests to qualify for having a baby! You people make me sick! You mock the sacredness of life!
FellidayaFiresong FellidayaFiresong
31-35, F
Sep 7, 2012