Please Just Put Them On a An Island

ok so here is my idea. people will never evolve into being that can grow wings right and if they are stupid they will never be able to figure out how to make means to get off the island. so If we put all the stupid people in the world on an island... think of how amazing the world  would be!  or we could sterilize them. 

p.s. think about how much less road rage there would be :)

sacredvision sacredvision
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7 Responses Feb 16, 2009

this kind of thinking encourages evil to come to fruition - dont you see what you are proposing. did you not learn anything in history about Hitler? oh maybe youre one of the "stupid ones."

so i made some phone calls... dubai said they were so tired of the stupid people in the world too they would build the island for free as a gift to the human race. we just have to think of an idea to get them all there... <br />
<br />
I was thinking american idol and reality tv marathon and free beer only available on this dubai island.

Not only would road rage dissipate, but American Idol would be cancelled, Paris Hilton would be killed by the rest of the stupid people, and there would be no one left to remake Friday the 13th for the 42nd time.<br />
<br />
Plus we'd lose the entire mullet haircut in like a day :) Dare to dream I guess, lol

sure you can. we can pull the money together and go to dubai :) they will do anything for the right price

if we put them on an island they will kill each other for us and we won't have to worry about it.

Why cant we just put them all to sleep???

no worries we would all be able to have true independence ;)