Pretty Please

I have enough stupidity in my world and don't need any more. Just say NO ppl!

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5 Responses Feb 16, 2009

I agree with levin60kitty and MizzBlue72. They're the one who seem to have a child over and over and over again..

I agree stupid people have to stop breeding. Did you see that you tube where the people who are stupid are the ones having kids?? Hillarious ...

Never happen. Stupid people breed twice as fast as others. I have run into my fair share of stupid people. The latest was a young person working in the finance part of the hospital. I have two insurance policies and don't pay anything for medical care. I was in the emergency room and received a bill for four thousand dollars. I called to find out about it and was told by this young person that since I had two policies the insurance would pay half the bill and I would pay the other half. Oh well - I told her to take me to court and she told me all the dastardly things they would do, like ruining my credit and suing me. Finally I received a bill for 00 dollars.

they'd have to be able to read and I'm guessing if they are that dumb it may not be an option... why does this story have my X written all over it?

that is a really good idea but im afraid people wont listen!