You Have No Idea!

I used to work in a place owned by stupid people, where stupidity was highly rewarded, you had to show you're stupid to get a raise or promotion. These stupid people were contagious! most of my colleague converted to their religion. I had to quit before I became one of them!

So I think there are multiple ways of breeding for stupidity.

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@ lil miss muffet: and there is no way to stop it! you just have to run

@ gray: thanks, that is exactly what I mean<br />
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@ nanasicboys: thanks!

Non - judgemental

Lol, lol yep you are so right, I feel you real strong on that topic, the stupid ones get the most respect, it's crazy but real true.

@ Mother: I can be really stupid as well, but this kind is the kind who doesn't realize it has done something stupid.<br />
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I was talking about stupid people who are proud of their stupidity

@ Jo: specially the worlds leaders, but it's not necessarily their offspring , it's their party!

Stupid stopped breeding does that include some of the world leaders???then the intellects would be in conflict....mmmm.... however banality should be rightly dismissed.

@ ageing thinker: there is relative stupidity, then there is absolute stupidity,<br />
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I was talking about absolute stupidity, <br />
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There are things like manufacturing a design you know has flaws, and will harm the user.

I'm not sure whether you are talking about other cultures which may look "stupid" to us, as we perceive them through our own values and beliefs. I'm not saying all cultures are born equal, and I'm happy to stand up for our own. But it just implies that stupidity is relative.<br />
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Or, are you refering to the internal stupidity within of our own culture, i.e. the western world. After a few centuries of enlightenment, we currently promote non-creativity in these big globalised corporations.

@ Luna: Me too, I had to keep my sanity

@ XVII: but I see stupid people telling everyone else what to do! that's horrible.<br />
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Steve is a funny guy

You need the stupid in order for the social system to work. Higher educated people usually tell them what to do. If not, run for your life. That's the way it rolls, you can't do much about it .<br />
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Btw, I LOLed at stevester's comment! XD

Viva wal-mart!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

sounds like Wal-mart.

Well said, but I think if stupid people were out of the picture, there would be no war! but that's my opinion.<br><br />
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I don't believe that we should decimate people because of their stupidity though! and I know that they are the ones who rule the world!!!

We still agree that stupid people should not be allowed to breed. Although in a time of war they are useful as cannon fodder.

I got it. Sorry I was in another book! I am not good with politics!! specially when in involves Holocaust!<br />
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Thank you for the explanation.

Think about it ... 60 years ago ... short guy ... mustache .... Eugenics!!......clue?? .....need more? please advise

Now I am the only one who doesn't get it!!!

Ha! ... Stevester, I like your thinking, and your style!

In idiocracy! sorry I think I have been infected with stupidity! Could you explain

It's a movie

I recall there was a guy who promoted a breeding programme to reduce the number of sub humans about 60 years ago. Small guy with a moustache

Thanks for the complement!<br />
I will watch the movie, sounds fun!

Lol, very true. I guess not everyone can be geniuses like us :P <br />
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You should watch the movie Idiocracy, it really makes some good points about a lot of this.

I agree with you, but I think stupidity can always find another way to spread!

There definitely needs to be a test or screening process of some sort to determine whether or not a person is fit to breed. If they fail I believe sterilization is in order to prevent any "accidents".

I can see that, but the license will be needed for intelligent people only, as you know imbeciles rule the world, so they will breed freely!!<br />
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Thank you for the comment

Eventually,you realise,people will be required to have a licence to breed;<br />
and despite the shrieks of outrage from the Churches (and mosques,and synagogues,because they're all relentless in their pursuit of new devotees,and the dumber,the better!) that time may come sooner than a lot of people think. And not a moment too soon,I say. Too many imbeciles breeding more little imbeciles.

Thanks captain

I know exactly what you mean, there is no way to stop them!