I Hope She Hasn't Bred Yet...

Prime example of this group is an encounter I had the other day with a redneck woman.  I was driving home from the store getting ready to pull into the small driveway in front of my house.  I slowed down in advance and had my blinker on (as I always use) and this piece of **** white car comes running up on me and almost rear ends me and lays on her horn.  There was a man walking next to my driveway on the sidewalk and I was waiting for him to move out of the way so I could pull in.  I was stopped for maybe an entire 3 seconds when the woman drove in the road right next to me and says in this redneck drawl, "You aren't supposed to stop in the road like that" (uh yes you are when you are pulling into a parking space) I said, "I'm pulling into my parking spot" And then she yells at me as she is driving away, "Dumbass!" LOL... I did not have much time to think of something more clever so all I got out was, "You're the ******* dumbass!" :)  Man, I'm good...

I was doing nothing illegal.  I was simply pulling into my driveway paused for a whopping 3 seconds if that.  And I'M the 'dumbass'? WTF!  On the other hand, that dumbass was speeding.  If she had not been speeding, she would not had to of almost slammed on her brakes, especially when I had given advance warning, so she obviously was also not paying attention. I hate people that cannot drive especially when they blame their lack of skills on other people.

Man...stupid people should not be allowed to breed... I only hope she hasn't passed on her ignorant hick genes in the meantime...

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It isn't just hicks and rednecks, of which I am a proud member. Frankly, these city folk I deal with now, since I moved from my small southern hometown, make my hometown folks seem like geniuses.<br />
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If you replaced every instance of 'redneck' and 'hick' with the word 'human' then you'd be more accurate. <br />
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Isn't it strange how peoples' reality is simply their perception.

Do you mean your stupid kind? I hope so to.

Yeah, I was pretty mad but got over it in like 10 seconds, then after that I found it quite funny... oh, sweet irony. :)

this was funny although im sure you got mad-people can be stupid