Daym, People, Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Must!

I think there should be a test to ensure a defined and shared commitment to 18 years of responsibility, a proof of awareness of common sense, the laws of physics, the ability to read and comprehend instructions and the proof of an adequate savings income to preclude "weez uu  be needin too file ferr da welfare checks , agen , eh bubba"?

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5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

Here's my take on what has been said. The U.S. pays out way to much to illegal Aliens. They breed like rabbits, and everytime they pop one. They are now, U.S. citizens. Now we the people and taxpayers, have to teach them English, so they can speak Spanish in their own homes, because their parents want them too. We wouldn't be broke if we could alimanate half of the illlegal aliens in our country. Hell they have more right's than I do, and I was born here.

I think if the government is going to have to take care of those kids forever,they should be limited on how many kids they can have.Some people keep having kids to get more money.

Haha, I completely agree with you. Too many stupid people have kids.

I'm with you babe on the principel but the practice worries me. This is state intervention, possibly a taint of eugenics and probably a recipe for national socialism. A scary place to be.

hahahahah EH BUBBA? :P