Idiocracy... It's Coming True

I agree with this sentiment as a general idea, because I fear for the future if things continue the way they are. But there are a lot of moral and ethical issues to deal with. Who's to say who's stupid and therefore deserving of death? The stories in this group are so interesting, or I should say the comments to people's stories are really what get me. The problem with this debate is: how do you define intelligence... Through an IQ test? Acquired knowledge? Survival of the fittest? Or maybe the government has already decided that poor people are stupid (if they were smart, they'd be rich like us, ha ha ha) and has put a system into place that kills them off or at least keeps them opressed and helpless. I'd like to believe that in a real revolution, the smartest would survive and build the future by default. Not always so sure though.

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Wake up and smell the damn coffee. I have a coworker and good friend who is an engineer, his wife writes computer ba<x>sed training modules. They do pretty well.They just had a baby girl; and they agonized over that for some years They are wondering if they can afford another. Meanwhile, I have a niece that works fast food, she lives with her unemployed baby daddy; they just had number 4. I know anybody can lose a job, but with the help of government assistance this jackass can afford to quit job after job. You do the math.

That's the sad truth behind the whole topic, and behind the opening scene of Idiocracy. It's smart to plan out a family, and in these days of economic woes it's even more likely that people planning it out will hesitate to have a child. Meanwhile, less intelligent people who don't think things through continue to infect the gene pool.

And yet people call us nazis, not realizing we're the humane ones.

True. But if all of a certain type of person was unable to breed, it would kill that type off.

death? why not just have them fixed? people do it to themselves all the time....