It Can't Be Fall Already...

This summer's been one of the best in memory. Celebrating my birthday multiple times.I loved visiting old friends all summer. Re-uniting with my family without drama. I loved having some of the best ******* since losing weight. I'm becoming more comfortable with myself. Whatever weight I finally end up at, it will be great. I've also enjoyed trying new things like hula-hooping. Still getting the movements down on that one.No regrets about anything I've done.

I'm learning not to be so hard on myself and dumping out emotional baggage because I like the mental lightness. It also feels good to let go of relationships which are dead weight on my spirit.Eating fresh produce straight from the garden brings joy. I'm going to miss whipping up a quick meal from what's been growing in the garden. My only regret is not spending enough time being nude at the beach.I always enjoy the sun and wind blowing gently across my skin.  But then then I say that every summer..LOL
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4 Responses Sep 12, 2012

I'm hoping to find a place outdoors to be nice and naked this summer. Living in an apartment takes away that freedom.

Hopefully you'll make up for lost time being nude at the beach this coming summer :)

I lived in LA for years so I miss being there this time of year. The other day it was over 100 degrees in some areas. Still could've found a nice shady place, ***** off the clothes and enjoy.

I lived in TX for years, so I feel the same way. Spring time could get up in the 80's. Wonderful time to work on my all-over tan :)

Its almost over. I've traveled from one end of America to the other and spend many afternoons out naked on our land. But we've been having freeze warnings and night temperatures in the 20s already. Its only the first half of September and temps in the 20s. Might be another long cold winter. <br />
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I am so disappointed that global warming was such a hoax. Humans thrive in warm times and suffer in cold times. Long live summer! Carpe Diem!

Amen! Cold is cold, especially when you're naked..:-) Glad to read you've had an enjoyable summer too!