Its Getting Quite Annoying and Absurd !

I wish that everyone would just stop talking about money everywhere i go !

In my house thats all you hear about !

When i go to school my classmates are soooo selfabsorved into their little me-me-me money this money that !

In the streets its like a huge animal waiting to devour me while slapping a 100 dollar bill on my face !


Seriously , i know we are going through difficult times , and that there are bills to pay but theres a limit and theres a time for everything and theres also people around  that certainly dont wanna hear it about it !!!


Maybe we are in such deep **** because money is all that is worth living for !

And maybe this is a huge wake up call to focus on what makes us good people , citiziens and human beings instead of what will make our bank acount bigger !

And probably its also a test of character , disciple , and a call for compasion instead wanting to take advantage of the door in such hard times!


Next time i hear anything related to money around me , im gonna cover my ear , even with the risk of being considered crazy!

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1 Response Mar 2, 2009

Well said! In fact I have to stop now & think before I start whinning & begin my tired old tirade of money, money, money. Disgusting. I am so glad you made this post!