What's the Damned Deal Anyway?!

Sometimes he wont keep his hands off me. Other times, he wants nothing to do with me in ANY way (so it seems anyways).
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I don't understand how boys work. I've been dealing with one for a year now and I keep thinking..."if I can just get through that wall...". But so far, nothing. It'd be easier if I could just chalk him up to being an *** but I don't believe he is...just emotionally crippled. And in answer to when is enough enough...you stay until you can't stay anymore. That's the nature of things I believe.

No one said what should be done about it though. its hard to believe that these men really don't know what they are doing to us. maybe they don't know how bad it hurts but that is kind of hard to believe too. the real question is at what point is enough enough when someone is crushing your spirit.

i totally get that, it happens to me too! sigh...

It's six years later.....How are things ?

Does he want more?

I know exactly how you feel. There is this guy that I have been talking to for a while now.. and he plays that hot and cold crap all the time.<br />
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I can't stand it.

I know how you feel. My boyfriend was exactly like that and you just never know where you stand with him. Things ended up turning horrible and he just ignored me in the end. i didnt do anything wrong, but he just shut himself off from his friends and family for reasons that we still havent found out. All you can do is talk about it with him - and if that fails, i dont see a fair relationship - you shouldnt have to make all the effort (its hard to fathom, but its the coldhard truth darl). Good Luck.