My Husband Is Very Private Wit...

My husband is very private with his feelings and I can't seem to get intimate with him.  tried for 20 years.
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3 Responses May 27, 2007

Maybe he is resisting a part of him that would be embarassing to let out?

Well, my wife must be very lucky because I am one of those guys who shares his feelings and listens to hers. Unfortunately, she's kept a wall around her that has me at arms length when it comes to intimacy. If she has a couple of drinks (which is rare), her inhibitions are gone and she is right there and passionate as can be. Can't figure it out...

Women who have men who reveal their feelings are very lucky on this planet. Most men don't reveal much of anything. They are taught this from babyhood - don't cry, don't tell, all sorts of don'ts when it comes to emotions and feelings. At least this is what I've found out and also read.