His Wings

That's what he called me. He was my evil angel and I was his wings.

Then he left me tattered and torn when he went back to trash he calls a girl friend. He has a child with her I understand that, but I know of horrible things that this girl has done to him and I have seen the after math.

I know I can't make him love him and I would never try, but damnit I wish he would stop telling how much he cares about me when he acts like I never even existed in the first place.


MirandaJMaddox MirandaJMaddox
26-30, F
3 Responses Jul 18, 2007

Cuss him out. He obviously loves women who tear him down. You can be sure his attention will have been caught.

I all but have.

I can feel your pain from this entry and for your own good, I think you should sever contact with him. you dont deserve that pain!